• Naj se opravičim tistim rednim bralcem, da bo naslednje pisanje v angleščini. Ker pa bo dotična objava pisana povečini za angleško govoreče, je pač logično uporabljena angleščina.

First thoughts on X61 Tablet This ThinkPad definitely has the best screen that I've ever owned! This is what I bought it for in the first place, moving from X60s to X61 Tablet. SXGA+ is very crisp, sharp and has beautiful color reproduction, at leaset in comparison with X60s. My fears of the X61T being much bigger and bulkier than X60s are gone too.

X61T is bigger, of course, but not to an extent that would bother me in any way. It is, as many have noted, quite heavy in the back and akwardly distributes the weight.

In short, before I write a comprehensive comparsion of X61 T and X60s, here are the facts:

  • Screen: Awesome! Contrast ratio, brightness and colour reproduction are great.
  • Keyboard: Lenovo/IBM ThinkPad keyboards are legendary and there's no need to say anything more than it's great
  • Battery : As it's known, Vista indexes a lot in the beginning when it's fresh etc., so battery drains really fast, it only lasts about 1:35 on 4C battery at the moment.
  • Performance: as I don't really do anything too "heavy" except light video editing I can't say. I can only compare to X60s, which was running Win XP pro... Once the system is booted and comes to a complete idle state it's really fast. MS Office and other programs from Adobe Suite boot up nice and fast. However, booting in Vista is still near 2 minutes, but I am hoping this to improve over time.
  • Tablet Functions: I thought this would be just another gimmick. I bought the Tablet version just because of the SXGA+, but have already started to like the Tablet functionality... However, I know I will only be using that for about 5-10%. But it certainly can't bother to have that option, especially because I'll be using Photoshop more and more.

I guess that's about all I can write at the moment, as I've only been testing the laptop for 8 consecutive hours. Extensive review will follow in a couple of days.